Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How much do you spend on Gluten Free foods?

I track this, supposedly for tax reasons, but I'm a bit of a laggard when it comes to producing visuals.

Our friends at Gluten Free Edmonton have blogged about their expenditures - how much, where and on what specific items.

You can check out all their shopping at their detailed blog post (with charts & graphs oh My!) here!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Gluten Free Dining at Hundred Bar & Kitchen

The Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) hosted a supper for members with Chef Cowan at the Century Group's Hundred Bar & Kitchen on June 7th.

What a delicious TREAT! Every course a delight, no one left hungry, and there were leftovers people politely haggled over. ;-P

My friends over at Gluten Free Edmonton did a great job documenting the events of the evening, so I'll let you read their account in their post.

2014 Calgary Stampede Gluten Free Breakfasts

Confirmed Gluten-Free Stampede Events!

Event #1

Sold Out event, but you can sure try to get a ticket!!
Tweet from Mr. Fab (@immrfabulous) I'll be co hosting a one of a kind @AmberApproved breakfast on July 9th at @HotelArtsYYC! Gluten, sugar, dairy free!!…
Free Yoga too! 

Event #2

July 5 10-noon, Marda Loop Community Centre Free for CCA members, $10 family, $5 singles Twitter: @GFyyc More Info

Other events

The site has posted their breakfasts and are will note the GlutenFree ones if they can! (Twitter: @StampedeBreakF) 

If you hear of any events that are GlutenFree - let me know, and I'll post them here!


Not sure there would be GlutenFree at this event… anyone?

First Flip Stampede Breakfast

Time: 07:30 am - 10:30 am / Location: Stephen Avenue Walk between 1 St SW & Centre St
July 3, 2014
Calgary's First Pancake Breakfast of the Stampede season!

This is a free event with great food and entertainment, so come on down and be our guest!

No RSVP required.

2014 Edmonton Gluten Free Pancake Events

The season has begun!! Summer? NOPE! Pancake season!

Here's a list of Edmonton Pancake breakfasts confirmed by Kinnikinnick Foods (Twitter: @GF_Insider)

  • July 17th at the Alberta Legislature - I think this is the Premier's Breakfast for K-Days
  • July 18th at Churchill Square - I think this is the Mayor's Breakfast for K-Days  (I didn't find links for either event yet… I'll update as soon as I do)
  • July 19th fundraiser for the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter, sponsored by Kinnikinnick, Atco Gas, Grimms Meats, and Tim Hortons at  10940 - 120 St NW

It's the CCA's 30th Anniversary as a recognized non-profit in Alberta!! The CCA chapter is the first organized and recognized chapter in the organization and we are celebrating!  On July 19th, join the CCA and as many folks as can fit on the street for a block party! 9am-11am.

The link for the event details: 2014 Pancake Breakfast, and it's going to be one of the CCA's best yet!

Pancakes, sausage patties, coffee, juice and more – all gluten free.  The gluten free pancake breakfast held outside the Kinnikinnick Store - we shut down the street! It is always a popular family event attended by 100′s of people supporting the Celiac Community.  Please support our great sponsors, because without them, this event would not be possible.
Donations for the Food Bank gratefully accepted.
Proceeds to support awareness of Celiac Disease and those that are adversely affected by gluten in our community.
Contact the office for more details at or by phone 780– 485-2949.
Kinnikinnick will have the store open so you can shop for your groceries, goodies and fresh bread!  You may wish to contact the store directly if you would like to pre-order.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread

Do you miss Yorkshire Puddings? Ok, likely you're not a celiac or gluten intolerant person then. Bully for you.  For the rest of us with a little English blood in us, there is (was!) a giant gap at holidays and family gatherings.

At the 2013 National Celiac Convention, they shared with everyone a fantastic recipe for Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread posted on Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer.  It was published in the Celiac newsletter as well.  I'm told in Argentina they are called Cheepa, and they live up to their name!  If you buy your tapioca starch from Superstore or Extra foods, for anywhere from $0.79 to $1.48 you can get a package with enough to make 2 batches of 20-24 puffs.  That is, if you are trusting of the quality and purity.  If you invest in a tested product bearing a Gluten Free claim, it will be priced accordingly.

It's a dead simple recipe, and it needs just one special piece of equipment - a mini-muffin pan. 12 or 24 teeny cups. They go on sale for as little as $5.  I have both - one fits in the toaster oven, one goes in the big oven.  Spring for what you can afford, and the non-stick are indeed welcome.  Some brands are more non-stick than others, and I still spray the pan. IF by chance you have aluminum pans, I wouldn't be spending the 5 seconds to consider them - don't! It's agony getting them out no matter how well you grease them.

You also don't want to try the full size muffin tin - close that drawer right now!

These little clouds of delightfulness are super simple, and pretty much anyone can make these perfectly.  If, perhaps, you forget an ingredient, or mis-measure… well, that's definitely one for the learning experience. You can weigh, measure, whichever you are comfortable with.  

Salt - it's one thing that is the variable here dependant on the cheese you select.  I have omitted it almost 100% of the time, but in some cases, I add a dash or two. A teaspoon… seems much to my taste, and I love salt.

Go ahead, use a blender or a food processor.  I found the blender to be frustrating, but it could just be my blender! I also gave up grating the cheese.  If you are using the food processor, chop the cheese to 1-2" cubes, and just pulse/blitz it until it seems like there are no large bits left. Up to you… your knuckles.