Sunday, 31 July 2011

Have I told you about Sweet Potato Aloo Gobi?

Ohhhhh my.  This is one recipe I'm so glad Julie Van Rosendaal shared with us all on her blog. I checked with her to confirm I could cross-post it here, and she said sure. This lady needs a cape.  Check it out on Dinner With Julie here.  So healthy, so tasty - roasted veggies - how can this be a bad thing?! If I'd thought of it tonight, I have twice the amount of yam I need for my Enchilada recipe, I could have bought some cauliflower.

Last time I made this, the S.O.'s whole house smelled of delicious spices for THREE days! It helps that one of the ladies my S.O. works with is East Indian and provided him with some very nice Garam masala.

I do eat out with the folks at work at Indian restaurants - lots of gluten-free choices at the buffet! Sometimes I'll admit I eat a little too much…

I don't like curry…much. I'll start by saying I worked for an English gentleman who used to feed us lunch. To do so, he would purchase slightly "over-ripe" cuts of meat, put them in a pressure cooker with some really unpleasant commercial curry powder, and proceed to feed it to us.

I love my pressure cooker, but I can't stand spoiled meat.  Pressure cooking with curry powder does NOT disguise the vile taste or smell of spoiled, rotting flesh.

It was a delight to find a recipe this easy, and even more tasty.

You should try it.

Get going. Yes, right now, just - do it!