Friday, 23 January 2015

Baking Powder - Gluten Free?

Yes, in Canada, it is.  Now if you purchase imported product, that might not be the case.  Call the manufacturer if you are at all in doubt.

Fleischman's and Magic (from Kraft) have both been declared gluten free and safe for celiac dining, although the Kraft Magic Baking Powder is not labelled as such, the Fleischman's IS.  The Art of Gluten Free Baking has a post on her experiences and research.

I have used Magic brand my entire life, however, when I originally started eating gluten free 20+ years ago, read a lot of American information saying it was potentially unsafe, so I did invest in some from El Peto (a great company for everything from soup broth concentrate powder on down!).

Did you know that it's best used one year after opening? Ooops. I have had jars and they have lasted  for many years.  You can check to see if it's still effective as well! As the Magic site here indicates:  To test if Magic Baking Powder still packs a punch, combine 1 teaspoon baking powder with 1/3 cup hot water. If it bubbles enthusiastically, it’s fine!

I did not know that!  Learning something new about the products we use every single day.


  1. Cool! I didn't know about the bubble test. Thanks for sharing. I, too had dabbled in specifically labelled GF baking powder until I found out about Magic. You may have even been the one to tell me about it way back.

    1. I found out about the Fleischmanns by accident after sending my S.O. to the baking aisle with my list one day. He very diligently checked to make sure it was gluten-free and because it did say gluten-free, he brought home the Fleischmans instead of the Magic.