Saturday, 30 April 2011

Taxes - oh jeez.

Well, it's my fault.

I've put off years of taxes, and today, I was supposed to figure out how to submit even the ONE year with the two T4's (I'm missing a bunch, 2005 was a bad year for me).

I just can't get myself to do this.  The first couple of years I was old enough to submit taxes I tried to do it, and failed miserably.  I started paying an accountant to do it, so for quite a number of years, I was well served.

Then 2005 came around and it all went to the box. And 2006, 07, 08, 09, and 10. Yup. you read that right. 5 years' worth. In boxes.

I am so traumatized and intimidated by a bunch of numbers, I can't seem to make myself get just one in - so the tax man doesn't penalize me even if they DO owe me $.

Wish me luck, I may just get the courage to do this before midnight tonight.

Celiac Cooking Class at Sorrentino's! You bet!

Ok Folks.

I've lived Gluten Free/Wheat Free for over 20 years now. After diagnoses of IBS, "You should seek Professional help", and other discouraging excuses from medical "Professionals", my Chiropractor figured it out.

I grew up with scratch-made food. My family wasn't really well-off like some of my friends, but we were comfortable.  We simply didn't have extra money for junk, pre-packaged, pre-made, or other such things.  With allergies in the house, it was safer to make it ourselves as well.  We made our own bread.  We had family on the farm still, and as such had access to the best lamb, pork and sometimes beef.  With such a diverse background (Canadian, British, Hungarian) there was a huge variety of food in the house.  So I am no stranger to cooking and baking for myself.  (BUY cookies? Are you kidding?!)

After today, it again brings home the message Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution has been trying to get the world to understand: It really doesn't take much to make a quick, healthy, and delicious meal at home.

Today, I had the pleasure of enjoying a few hours with 5 other lovely folks as a guest of Chef Chris Hrynyk Catering Manager/Chef of the Sorrentino's Group here in Edmonton, AB.

We made SO much food… GOOD food.  We started off with a recipe that has been on the menu at Sorrentino's for 30 years (and they just celebrated 31 years in business! This one's stood the test of time.).  Frutti di Mare alla Sorrentino.  Prawns, scallops in a sauce of garlic, white wine (Mission Hill - Canadian), olive oil and tabasco or chilli flakes. Minutes - seriously minutes.  Throw some pasta in there if you like, or just sop up the sauce with some doughy goodness of your choosing. Mmm.

More after the break!

Ooo, ugly presentation, but tasty…

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ready for the coughing to ease up

Coughing is a workout. A serious workout. It's been a week since I caught this bug, and I'm pretty much bored.  I can't watch any more TV, but I can't really sleep that much either.

Tried the work thing today. Very tiring.

Read a blog today that made me feel terribly small and very spoiled. Some people have incredible grace, and should have the life to share it. I follow a number of interesting people, and they, in turn, lead me to read the musings of others. From Mastermaq's blog, to finally to Derek K. Miller's recounting of his thoughts, disease, treatments and accompanying illness, and now, his terminal diagnosis.

Now, it's very late, I haven't eaten regularly (or well) today, and I'm sure I'll pay for it later.