Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Todays gems from the web

Twitter - my love/hate relationship. The Twitter Timesucker, but information abounds… I can't stay away!

Today's gems - 2 so far,

First, Gluten Free, Casein Free, chocolate covered "Oreos" from Two Prince Bakery Theatre's blog.  Now that's really NEAT!

And second, the D-Tox e-cookbook on sale - in support of an incredible cause that just isn't widely known.  I wasn't aware that Mitochondrial Disease affects the lives of similarly as many people as Cystic Fibrosis.  With such a broad range of symptoms and impact on sufferer's lives, it's a disease that needs more attention. Read here for more details on the disease.

Click the cover below to place your order for this great book.  Christmas is coming… what a good gift idea!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dropbox and Evernote. My technology dream team

If you don't have a Dropbox account yet, you really must get one. Click here to sign up for 2GB of storage for free.  Or copy this link

So why would I be so delighted with Dropbox and Evernote? They save my stuff.  And I'm not alone… Not just my things, but David Pogue and many many other people have found how wonderful it is.  David Pogue wrote in his blog at New York Times sharing how Dropbox saved his bacon book.

At first, I couldn't wrap my head around WHY I would need it, and did I really need both Dropbox AND Evernote. Really?  Now I can't imagine not having both.

Dropbox shares files between any computers I have enabled the widget and folder on, Evernote allows me to create content and share it between devices, and I use them for totally different purposes.  Dropbox, I use instead of a USB stick or CDs.  Sure, I could use Evernote similarly, but editing and file types are limited.  Dropbox doesn't edit at all.  How is this good? Well, if I am wanting to access documents or edit them, I am usually in front of a computer with the appropriate software to edit it. I can email a document from Dropbox on my iPhone, computer or internet. Yes, I can do exactly the same with Evernote, BUT! I can capture web pages, text, etc. and save it within Evernote.  I use Evernote for shopping lists, to-do's, wine tracking, recipes etc. etc.

These two technologies make document sharing, transferring and creating a breeze.  Now to see what iCloud brings to the party…

Go on… download it. Use it. See what all the fuss is about.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Passing of another Icon of our time.

I owe my career (and probably my sanity) to the Macintosh computer.

I hadn't seen this video until several years ago - it was how I thought computers would be when I reached University in the late 80's. I was sorely disappointed, but little did I know someone had the dream, drive and skills to bring this almost to reality - albeit 25 years later. The new iPhone 4S is the closest device yet. (Apple's  Knowledge Navigator (1987))

I was so profoundly saddened by the sudden loss of Jack Layton, a much closer to home tragedy, and somehow, someone I've never met feels almost equally as large a personal loss.

I would never have guessed that the work of a couple of guys in a garage would have worked out to have shaped the last 17 years of my life. Indeed the rest of my life and career.

The world has lost one of the most influential individuals in modern time - of modern life. I write this on my umpteenth apple device.  I have little doubt there are many Apple products in some form of creation, from a germ of an idea, to refinement that were begun under the guidance of Steve Jobs that Apple will have no shortage of innovation in the future.

As said by Mr. Jobs: “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

Far too many young people lose their battle with Cancer. It can't be beaten too soon.

The showman with  "just one more thing".

I apologize for the repeat, but mobile readers can't see this graphic at the top of the page.

see more hipster robot webcomics and pixel t-shirts

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ukrainian Village and Horseradish!

After 4 years of living in Edmonton, I *finally* made it out to visit the Ukrainian Village on Saturday for the Fall Harvest festival.  The weather had turned, and wasn't like the forecast when I went to bed Friday night. It was darn chilly, and we didn't bring appropriate clothing. (Note to self: get the bin back into the S.O.'s truck with the appropriate emergency gear!)

Other than discovering I had burst a blood vessel in my eye near my nose, and a little chilly, it was a very nice place to visit.  There were vendors there from the gentleman selling beautiful alpaca light, soft poncho-type shawls for $89 & lovely jackets for $119 (such gorgeous fibre), from clothes to old money (numismatic bills and coins!) and souvenirs and the society selling garden seeds, veggies and HORSERADISH.  I've been dying to make some that doesn't have grain vinegar in it, and for $2, I thought I'd give it a go.  Well, $2 got me a grocery store produce bag - you know, those clear ones that are about 8 1/2" X 12"… FULL of roots.  No I'm not kidding.  At the 104 Street Downtown farmer's market, one of the vendors was selling 2 small-ish roots for $4, so you can see my shock.
Tape for comparative size!
One big bag o'Horseradish!

We didn't have nearly enough time to visit the whole village, but we'll be back!  $30 for an annual family pass - we plan to return on our motorcycles as our getaway outing next summer.

On our way out, just before the rain started, I got a bowl of really "meaty" gluten free mushroom soup from Molly's Eats, and some sweet potato fries and salad rolls from the Vietnamese food truck.  Two thumbs up on the fries - coated in rice flour, but if you don't tolerate cross-contamination in the fryer, might not be a great idea for you.  Dragon sauce was pretty good. The salad rolls - well, the noodles had been prepped a while before assembly and needed warming up. You know the texture I'm talking about. Still, wasn't bad.  Since I can't eat most of the traditional fare offered by the village, I was pleased to have some choice - and GOOD choice.  My S.O. bought a grilled cheese sandwich, a jumbo cookie and some pie from Molly's Eats, that didn't last long.  The bowl of soup from Molly's is deceiving!! So filling - it was tough to finish, but I pushed through to the bottom.

So I'm on the hunt for the recipe my sister was telling me she found on Epicurious.  Good grief.  280 horseradish recipes.  Well, then you all know what happens next… Google. <sigh> Then… YouTube.

Although most recipes seem to refer to white vinegar (usually derived from grain) as their choice of acid, I did find some other websites that were mighty helpful, and did point out that lemon juice or ascorbic acid and even cider vinegar was also successful at maintaining the colour and stabilizing the heat and flavour.

Simply Recipes has a nice page with directions, and Food Skills for Self Sufficiency has a really informative page, (plus a repository of other interesting info).

My sister also mentioned that if you don't have jars - just freeze portions in plastic sandwich bags.  I have some pasta sauce jars, so I'll use those for now, but we'll check with my co-workers, and perhaps the FreeCycle folks to see if anyone is getting rid of any small baby food jars so I can freeze a lifetime supply!

 Since I ran out of daylight looking for recipies, I'm guessing this will go down outside, on my patio after What the Truck 2?! tomorrow night.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sukothai Restaurant Review - cross post

Hi all - here's a link to our friends at Gluten Free Edmonton's review of Sukhothai Restaurant.

I've lived in Edmonton for just over 4 years, and driven past the restaurant a number of times, meaning to try it.

Not once, but three times this week has this restaurant been mentioned in different conversations, with completely different people.  I think the universe is trying to tell me something. (And if the universe could please not get involved with spilling my frappuccino on the sidewalk this afternoon *again*, I'd appreciate it.)

UPDATE: FOUR times, and as many people mentioned Sukhothai in the past week!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Enjoy Centre in St. Albert a Delight

Hi all.

Visited the Enjoy Centre yesterday - an hour wasn't enough to go and relax!

Bought some Tulip bulbs - "Fill 'till it Spills" $11 buys as many bulbs you can stack in a small pot… really, not too small, and lovely bulbs. The cashier hands me my receipt with a chit and says, "next time you come back, use this for your free "Bulbs" book." $24.95 value! How awesome is that?!

Other delights… Amaranth grocery store - plenty of Gluten free choices, and prices are average to other stores! There's one aisle, yes, an aisle about 12-16 feet long, a few end caps, freestanding displays, and a number of freezers of great things. I didn't get to check out the Deli, but my S.O.  had a couple of treats from the Prairie Baker - the poppy seed strudel had an unreal amount of poppyseed in it…He hasn't tasted the scone yet.

There's a liquor store just opened - Liquid Harvest - Lovely folks.  Met one of the proprietors, Jeff, and took a look around. It looks small, but it's got a great selection, Enomatic wine system for tastings, and a nicely sized walk-in cooler (complete with Green's, New Grist, Bard's and Estrella Daura gluten-free beers). Prices range from $14 to +$100 while they find out who their market will be.  Bought a nice bottle of a California red called "Cupcake Red Velvet" for $13.99.  Plus, they have a reward system, earn $500 points for a $25 credit in the store.  So, my wine earned 13 credits.
UPDATE: called their sister store in St. Albert about the gluten free beer options, and I'll post the updated info shortly.

A couple of the stores weren't open, but there's a florist, furniture, kitchen gadgets (Hillaby's) and appliances, artwork, jewelery and giftware…a spa! And of course plants… but we didn't make it there (and how would I fit it on the motorcycle?!).

It's a great place to visit, I hope to go to the restaurant and the Prairie Bistro soon.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Alton Brown has returned to Twitter!

Awesome title for his blog post explaining his return; Waffle, Anyone?

Welcome back sir! Glad the trolls didn't win.

And poking around Alton's blog, I have discovered the gadget of any griller's dreams… Read Alton's blog about the iQue 110 from Pitmaster.  Alton's observations are what sells this item to me hands down! (Although I would have called it something more "Tim the Toolman Taylor-esque")

Now if only Canada would carry Alton's shows before I'm in a walker and can't see or hear the thing…

Monday, 29 August 2011

Thank you Jack.

I've been sitting on this for a while, not sure what to say that hasn't been said

Cancer is a horrible disease, and I, for one, can't wait to see it obliterated from our planet.  I see no purpose to it's existence, other than perhaps to prevent humans from overpopulation.

I mourn Jack's absence… not because he's gone - I would never want anyone to suffer and hang around this existence for our benefit, but what he did for ME. What he WOULD have done for me. The everyday Canadian.  Proving politics doesn't have to be about greed, money, power or influence, but bettering the lives of the people you serve.

Thank you Jack.  Thank you Olivia Chow for sharing your lives, and your commitment to social wellbeing, with us.

His last letter to Canadians - inspiring, touching, and so…Jack.