Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Enjoy Centre in St. Albert a Delight

Hi all.

Visited the Enjoy Centre yesterday - an hour wasn't enough to go and relax!

Bought some Tulip bulbs - "Fill 'till it Spills" $11 buys as many bulbs you can stack in a small pot… really, not too small, and lovely bulbs. The cashier hands me my receipt with a chit and says, "next time you come back, use this for your free "Bulbs" book." $24.95 value! How awesome is that?!

Other delights… Amaranth grocery store - plenty of Gluten free choices, and prices are average to other stores! There's one aisle, yes, an aisle about 12-16 feet long, a few end caps, freestanding displays, and a number of freezers of great things. I didn't get to check out the Deli, but my S.O.  had a couple of treats from the Prairie Baker - the poppy seed strudel had an unreal amount of poppyseed in it…He hasn't tasted the scone yet.

There's a liquor store just opened - Liquid Harvest - Lovely folks.  Met one of the proprietors, Jeff, and took a look around. It looks small, but it's got a great selection, Enomatic wine system for tastings, and a nicely sized walk-in cooler (complete with Green's, New Grist, Bard's and Estrella Daura gluten-free beers). Prices range from $14 to +$100 while they find out who their market will be.  Bought a nice bottle of a California red called "Cupcake Red Velvet" for $13.99.  Plus, they have a reward system, earn $500 points for a $25 credit in the store.  So, my wine earned 13 credits.
UPDATE: called their sister store in St. Albert about the gluten free beer options, and I'll post the updated info shortly.

A couple of the stores weren't open, but there's a florist, furniture, kitchen gadgets (Hillaby's) and appliances, artwork, jewelery and giftware…a spa! And of course plants… but we didn't make it there (and how would I fit it on the motorcycle?!).

It's a great place to visit, I hope to go to the restaurant and the Prairie Bistro soon.

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