Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Realization - family friendly Adult eateries in Edmonton

For many years, my circle of friends was childless by choice singles & couples. Works for me. Well, until I moved to Edmonton. Then I met cool people who didn't drool about their children. So a whole new dynamic evolved. It also helped that their children weren't horrible screaming whiney rug rats.

Now I find myself on the prowl for eateries & pubs that allow family dining before a certain time. Places we like to patronize on our adult time, local businesses with friendly atmosphere and good menus. And thanks to the AGLC, it's not a standardized time for all establishments.

What I've learned so far, doesn't fit much more than the head of a bottle cap, but it might help some folks find good eats! This list keeps evolving, and please - leave a comment if you know of an establishment that should be added!

-The Pourhouse on Whyte Ave; Kids welcome before 9pm
-Next Act Pub Just off Whyte Ave; before 4pm
-O'Byrnes on Whyte Ave; before 8pm (bonus: now serving from taps at your table)
-Original Joe's before 6 - call & confirm before visiting. Mixed reports, it may have changed.
-Harts Table before 8pm (not targeting family friendly, but approachable)
UPDATE!:  Aug'14-beer Revolution & Glass Monkey. Daravara and Craft Beer Market. Call for hours

-Fergus & Bix before 3pm
UPDATE!:  Vin Room - if they're open, it's family friendly!

I'll keep adding - you keep letting me know who is licensed for what!

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