Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dried Beans? No Problem!

I'm not a fan of eating the crazy sodium in canned refried beans. Check it out! Some cans have more than a daily recommended serving! And others. Zip. Zilch. NADA. Just crazy.

And it's not hard. Seriously.

So, I've been delinquent about sharing how to use dried beans.  I know I have mentioned previously about the BPA in can linings, with the exception of Eden Organics (available all over, Earth's General Store is one of my favourite places - great prices all the time for them too!).

Dried beans give you HUGE variety that you can't always find canned. You don't need special equipment, but if you're feeling spendy with that tax refund you just got in the mail, go for it. Check this baby out on Some call them fast slow cookers…electric pressure cookers - what evs… I use a 40+ year old stove top pressure cooker (yes, it has a new ring and release valve), when I do pressure cooking.

So over at is a lovely visual instruction on how to go about getting dried beans to use the same day you want them. Quick-Soak Dried Beans in Just One Hour.

Go there.  Check it out.  You might be happy you did.

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