Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ready for the coughing to ease up

Coughing is a workout. A serious workout. It's been a week since I caught this bug, and I'm pretty much bored.  I can't watch any more TV, but I can't really sleep that much either.

Tried the work thing today. Very tiring.

Read a blog today that made me feel terribly small and very spoiled. Some people have incredible grace, and should have the life to share it. I follow a number of interesting people, and they, in turn, lead me to read the musings of others. From Mastermaq's blog, to darrenbarefoot.com finally to Derek K. Miller's recounting of his thoughts, disease, treatments and accompanying illness, and now, his terminal diagnosis.

Now, it's very late, I haven't eaten regularly (or well) today, and I'm sure I'll pay for it later.