Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Yay June

Auspicious day. Between being the day to purchase Edmonton Folk Fest tickets, my birthday and having a dental appointment for the stabbing, throbbing pain in my head, I thought I'd share about the movie I saw last night.

Nope, not a blockbuster in terms of dollars, not a bank breaker of a film, but monumental and life affecting.

A little sad the last showing wasn't as well attended as I expected, but meant a perfect seat for me.

But the movie was informative.

Things we've heard said for some time, and now it's immortalized on film, and spread to the four winds to be shared. David Suzuki would like this documentary I think. I'm pretty sure he's seen it, as he opened a festival that was showing his latest work as well as this one.

The title of the movie was "Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?"  And not what you'd expect. Bees, the life givers of more than 40% of the food we eat on our tables, and their struggle to survive human mismanagement of the planet's resources.

Hosted by Metro Cinema, who I understand is moving this summer to the Garneau theatre.

I'll say this: Diversity is necessary for life.  Tinkering with genetics… probably not.

Do your part; Plant a flower garden that bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects like and will support them for as much of the season as possible. Stop using pesticides. All pesticides.  And last, host a bee-hive or become an urban beekeeper. In Calgary, they are transplanting bee colonies that make their new homes in less than welcome locations into hives that they put in your yard and they'll happily forage and pollinate your neighbourhood crops.

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