Thursday, 29 March 2012

Toss your Toaster! New Products From Kinnikinnick

Smashing news! If you haven't heard yet - Kinnikinnick has launched a new product line! Available nationwide this month. I have to say, I've been privileged to try the bread a bit in advance, and I was thrilled. You'll see why in a bit.

To check it out, go to Get it Fresh!  If you're from outside the Edmonton area, visit

I'd heard some whispers about a "new" product coming out, last fall. I know product development takes time, and maybe it wouldn't even make it to retail - some products resist all efforts at consistency, and all the will in the world to be…well, GOOD. I didn't want to get excited about it until it was real. Well, around Christmas, I'd heard it was VERY real. I was gifted a loaf. I was very honoured to receive it.  I shared it with my family, and did some taste testing of my own.

Living in the same city as the bakery (bakeries, actually) and the storefront, I admit it's a bit unfair, if I time it just right, I can get it fresh, barely cooled, sliced and bagged.

credit: Kinnikinnick website
And is it good? QUITE!

Soft White Bread! It's HUUUUUGE! A FULL sized loaf - just like regular bread! (You can it on the right, see the comparison on this page.)

And it IS soft.  Do you remember that mass-produced white junk in a bag - how it squished? Well, this bread squishes - AND springs back! It doesn't crumble and fall apart.  It makes beautiful, toasty grilled cheese - but wait!


Fresh or thawed from frozen, make your sandwich.  That's right, put whatever you want in there. Sprouts, juicy tomatoes, meat (or not), mayonnaise, stuff it to the brim.  You go right ahead.  Pick it up and put it down four, five times - more! It won't fall crumble apart on you like other breads used to.


It's white bread.  What's so good for you about white bread?  Well, Nutritionally, this bread is probably one of the better starchy treats you could feed yourself.

  • At least 5g of Fiber per serving
  • Zero Cholesterol - Zero Trans Fat
  • 1g or less sugar per serving
  • Fortified with 5 essential nutrients
  • Less sodium than Kinnikinnick's existing bread products
  • No Artificial Colours, Flavours, or Preservatives.

Oh, I haven't told you the best part yet - it's the price.  $4.99* suggested retail

It can be brutally expensive to buy some gluten-free products, although on sale a normal loaf of empty calorie, mass-produced wheat flour white bread can be had for $0.99, $4.99 beats the heck out of $10.99 for some other gluten-free options.  I've even paid up to $15 for an artisanal loaf of GF bread. Some good, some… not so much.

Also available in Multigrain.  Available as   hamburger buns, dinner rolls, sliced loaves, and hotdog buns! AND they have baguettes in both white and multigrain.

Baked fresh every morning, (the dinner rolls aren't made every day - call ahead to find out when, or if they have any frozen for you), you can drop by the Edmonton store if you are in the area.  If you want to slice it yourself - call several days ahead of when you want to pick it up, and place a special order - they'll do their best to make sure the line gets the special order in time.  It really does take three days - don't be a prig - make sure you call the lovely ladies at the store and place your order at least three days ahead.

I haven't found any textural or taste difference of the fresh product vs frozen.  I'll buy the frozen - especially if I'm delivering a bunch to Calgary when I go.

If the Edmonton store isn't in your travel distance, check with your local purveyor of Gluten Free products (Safeway, Sobeys, Save-On Foods, the list grows every day).  If they don't carry the new Soft White Bread as yet, you can ask your merchant to add it to their inventory.  See below for more information.  And if you just can't wait for your merchant, order for delivery! They'll ship it right to your door. (Be aware some areas shipping rates are higher- $10-$65!!, and they will call you to confirm the rate after you place a web order so you aren't surprised when it arrives.)

Info you can give your grocer:

Retailers toll free 1-877-503-4466

62013300044 1 NEW Soft White Bread
62013300045 8 NEW Soft Multigrain Bread

62013300073 1 NEW Soft Hamburger Buns
62013300074 8 NEW Soft Hot Dog Buns

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