Thursday, 29 March 2012

Trying out a new layout and template.

Tell me how you like it - IF you even like it.  Let me know what you don't.  I'm not talented designing, so I rely on the skill of folks who make stuff look good.  There was another template that caught my eye, so if this one doesn't cut it, maybe that one will.

Comments? Crazy ravings?


  1. so. kind of white and simple. but that might be exactly what you are going for. the white, clean simple look.

  2. Yeah, it is white. Thought it might be a little cleaner, with better space for the blogroll, now on the right. Felt a little tight with the other layout.

    Let's see what the other one looks like… one sec.


  3. I like the cozy background and colour scheme! Great work.