Friday, 20 May 2011

My Favourite Crispy Not Fried, Fried Chicken

I love this recipe.

I think I've almost become obsessive. I want this chicken every week. Twice a week if I can convince someone to share it with me. However, I've discovered if you leave the leftovers in someone's fridge thinking there'll be some for you to come back to another day… forget it.  It isn't going to happen.

Oven-Fried Buttermilk Chicken Recipe from

Yes, I'm aware Kellogg's® Corn Flakes® may or may not be considered gluten free, not that their website mentions it. Checking the site under the Allergen tab for Corn Flakes®, gluten is not mentioned but there is still malt flavouring. Shaking my head. Perhaps they'll see the light and make it gluten free – as the Rice Krispies® cereal now available gluten free spring 2011.  If you can tolerate them, great. If not, substitute.  There are other brands of corn flakes available that are GF, or substitutions with Kinnikinnick Panko bread crumbs, Rice Krispies® Gluten-Free or Chex Gluten-Free cereal blitzed in the food processor or crushed in a baggie with a rolling pin or canned goods.

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I *can* say that if you opt to skip the melted butter drizzled over the chicken before you put it in the oven, you won't love it quite as much.

I substitute the Tabasco with Tapatio I purchased from the Italian Centre (thanks to Nate at elm cafe for pointing me in that direction).

One other tip - it says marinade for several hours - up to 12… overnight is good too, and if you're in a hurry… an hour works fine.

It's no-fail. Juicy, tasty, tender… all the things a good chicken should have.  I tweaked the recipe a little teeny bit… I added garlic powder to the crispy coating mixture (after all, garlic makes pretty much everything perfect). And sometimes I add a little chipotle powder from Epicure Selections. (They carry gluten free, aluminum free baking powder, popcorn seasoning… and so many to die for mixes for dips and salad dressings - why buy them ready made and loaded with junk from the store when a little yogurt or sour cream works wonders?)

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  1. Muhahahahahahaha....leave more chicken in my fridge. PLEASE.