Monday, 2 May 2011

Time to VOTE Canada

Update: Got permission to use the image a little late, but here it is.

Ok Canada.  I have some strong opinions about voting.

If you've met me, you'll know why.

For the rest of you out there, some Coles' notes so you can remember why it's important even if there isn't a single darn candidate you feel you can support.

My Grandfather passed away last summer.  I admired him.  And I miss him. He is one of my heroes.  Flawed, but strong and committed to the ideals that built our great country.

He served overseas in WWII, and was injured not once, but twice fighting to preserve our right to CHOOSE.

Don't waste that right.  If Derek can get out of his house, as ill as he is, to vote, YOU CAN TOO.

Image used with permission Flag, hand dropping envelope in slot.

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