Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tackling a project

Well, I know I have a bunch of cleaning up to do, but in light of the rain, and the fact that I have a giant box still sitting in my dining room since a couple of weeks after the bike show… I think I'm going to tackle installing my very spiffy Coocase on the Vino.

Ordered it from TwistedThrottle because the chap at the bike show didn't have stock to sell. Shame, but for $126 I ordered it from Ontario after the show. :-)

It lights up.

And it has an alarm.

And did I mention it auto-locks and has a remote to lock and unlock it?

Perfect! Storage, electricity and a built-in humdinger alarm for my scoot.

Now, there aren't a whole lot of instructions to get this baby bolted on, so I'm going to take a few photos and hope I can help out some other soul making this their "fun" project.
I'm betting on, ohhhh, 2 hours. You?Coocase

UPDATE: 90 minutes on the base plate mounting. Electrical… that's going to take a bit of thought.  Check out the document I created for the next poor person trying to get this thing on without a clue.

Update #2: I popped the case on tonight (Thursday night) and it sure is pretty.  My one concern is that if I leave it on the scoot, there is nothing really to prevent anyone from popping it off the base and walking off with it. You can't lock it to the base Not that it mentions it anywhere, but yes, when the case is locked, either with the key or remote, it does indeed securely latch to the mount on the scoot. Hmmm.  Guess we're having an impromptu scooter fix-up at John's Saturday 10am to finish the wiring. NICE.

Update #3: Electrical done! Not that I did any of it, but I have to thank jbcollier of many talents, day job at the Sport Car Shop with a bad back who tinkered and toiled away for two and a half gruelling hours to tap in to the little Vino's electrical system with the teeny tiny battery to get the brake lights on the case to work.

And work they do! Some comments in forums around the interwebs say they aren't really bright enough, but the Vino has a honking big bright tail light, so it's just an accessory.

We had the opportunity to go out for Motorcycle Monday Madness where The Bear radio station gives away gas to 2 & 3-wheeled scoots. We filled up the scooters, but next week might just fill the big bikes. While we were out, my S.O. asked if I locked it, does it lock the box to the mounting plate. I don't know - it doesn't say ANYthing about that in the teeny tiny manual or the electrical diagram, or on the website.

Well darned if it DOES!  My worry about leaving it defenceless on the scoot are all gone.  It's the shiniest nicest part on the scoot now!

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