Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pizzaria Prego

So we had Groupon coupons for Pizzaria Prego and decided to use them last Sunday night.  The restaurant is about 2 blocks from my other half's house, and we weren't feeling like cooking after our stint trying to eat at Walkabout Pub on Sunday, (website says open, door says no). We decided to order a couple of pizzas on their in-house made gluten-free crust using our Groupons, in spite of the in-store promo (buy one, get one half price).

Spudizza and the Spolumbo sausage.

I'm not an expert food reviewer.  Just an expert food consumer. (That might be why I don't have a swimsuit photo on my profile ;-) )  My other half is "normal" and eats gluten.  However, he'll try the GF options so I can have the leftovers too.

I'll talk about the crust first, since it's the same on both.  It's definitely OK and edible.  It wasn't soggy, stayed crispy, didn't crumble at all, and it wasn't a strong flavour.  Held the pizza toppings just fine.  You can order any pizza in 8 or 10" size gluten free, or freestyle it yourself.

So, the Spudizza - it's a take on perogy pizza.  No sour cream included, and it usually is. We picked up our pizzas right before 9pm at closing (he seemed a little annoyed), however, sour cream would have been nice to have.  The artificial bacon bits - the red is a little frightening, however, he generously covered the pizza with bits.  I might take my own home-made or the Costco real bacon bits in a bag variety next time.

The Spolumbo sausage pizza was my favourite. Surprize! Cheesy, meaty enough, and was good reheated.  I don't particularly do well with green peppers, but they weren't plentiful enough to cause me an issue. Not as meaty as I thought it might be, but suited me just fine as it was.

On the wall there was a list of Gluten Free items as well…spaghetti, lasagne, chicken nuggets and strips, elbow pasta, ice cream cones (oh yeah, they're not the easiest to find, but they're around), cookies and granola bars.  Prices - I'll call them average, maybe a teeny bit more than some places in town, but it's convenient.

I say decide for yourself.  Some folks on UrbanSpoon have been vocal, but I can't say I haven't been treated worse by other shopkeepers.

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